Friday, 20 June 2014

Selecting Raw Material for Fruit Slicing

Selection of appropriate raw material for fruit slicing is one of the most important elements. You will have to choose from soft and hard fruits to design your desired shape. It will be easy for you to design your desired shape with the hard fruit. Once the fruit is selected, now it is time to decide the method of slicing. The difference between soft and hard fruits is so clear. The hard fruits like watermelon provide a slicer complete freedom to slice according to required shape, but soft fruits are difficult to use for this purpose. If you want to be a crazy fruit slicer then you have to choose a good raw material for it.

Slice the fruit like in the picture and use toothpicks that I often use for slicing. Toothpicks are removed in editing; therefore, you need to know the actual shape of the fruit after removing these toothpicks from slicing. Carefully add toothpicks to keep it fix and balance. A shower can also be used to make these slices fresher so that they look attractive.  

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